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Here we have collected for you unique works by artists of various genres and trends: from comics and illustrations to posters and book covers. Our goal is to share with you the beauty and diversity of the world of graphic art, inspire your creativity and expand your horizons in this exciting field.

The prepared materials on the site will help both beginners and experienced professionals in the world of graphic design and art to find new ideas, improve their skills and enjoy creativity. Whether you're into comics, book illustration, digital art, or other forms of graphic art, we've got something for you.

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About Us

We at Alexrosscollector are a community of art enthusiasts with a passion for graphic design and illustration. Our mission is to collect all the best from the world of graphic art under one roof and share it with you.

We strive to create a space where you can enjoy the beautiful work of talented artists, discuss their work with other like-minded people, and find inspiration for your own creative projects. Our goal is to make Alexrosscollector a place where everyone will find something interesting and inspiring for themselves.

We set ourselves the task of making information about the world of graphic art accessible and understandable to everyone. Regardless of your level of knowledge and experience in the field, we believe that everyone can enjoy and be enriched by the world of graphic design. That's why our website offers a variety of content - from articles and reviews to interviews and master classes - to satisfy the interests of every visitor.

Join our community today to stay up to date with the latest news from the world of graphic art, find inspiration and share your creative ideas with us. Together we will create a unique space for all graphic design lovers and professionals on Alexrosscollector!

Interesting Facts

Did you know that every artist’s work, be it a painting, illustration or comic, carries its own unique story and message? Let’s dive into the world of amazing facts about graphic art together!

Hidden Messages: Many artists hide secret messages and symbols in their works that can only be discovered upon closer inspection. Guess them with us!

Tech Tricks: Learn what techniques and tools were used in different eras to create graphic works. Masters of their craft always had a few tricks up their sleeves!

Fun facts about art: Amazing stories from the lives of artists and interesting facts about the creation of their most famous works. Get to know the stories behind the masterpieces!

Evolution of styles: From classic to modern – find out how graphic styles and trends have changed over time, and how this affected the work of artists.

What’s behind the scenes: Immerse yourself in the world of creating graphic works – from the first sketch to the final result. Uncover the secrets of the process and get inspired for your own creative experiments!

Let’s explore the fascinating world of graphic art together and discover its new facets on the pages of Alexrosscollector!

Interviews with artists

On the pages of Alexrosscollector we have a unique opportunity to present you with interviews with the most talented and interesting artists. These conversations are not just an opportunity to learn about the creative process, they allow you to look into the very soul of art, to understand what motivates artists, what emotions and thoughts lie behind their works.

In our interviews, you will learn about what lies behind each work - about the sources of inspiration, about the difficulties and obstacles overcome on the path to success, as well as about what ideas and values underlie their work. We strive to ensure that each interview is not only a source of inspiration, but also allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the world of art and the artist.

Join our community and be the first to know about interesting and exciting interviews with artists on Alexrosscollector! Together we will explore and admire the creativity of the brightest representatives of graphic art!


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